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Copyrighted by M2H

I have not written a very detailed manual because I think it's the best to keep some 'secrets'.
With secrets I mean the buildings wich are the best to make; players wich do a little research with the tech tree can find out whats the best.
If any fan wants to write a manual I'll add it and add his name and website too. (mail [email protected] if you do so)

Although I do describe the basics:

Construction & Research
Download the Construction & Research overview here.

Go to the BUILD page to build buildings, you can only build buildings if you have researched the required research.

Go to the RESEARCH page to research, the more you research the more you will be able to research, it's the best to begin researching into resources first (Mining, Electronics etc.).

On the RESOURCES page you get an overview of all the resources buildings you own, and how much resources you get each tick.
You can build more Power Plants etc. here too.

The UNITS page gives an overview of al your units, you can build more too.
The missiles can be used via the UNITS page by clicking on 'LAUNCH ALL' next to the name of your missiles.

UnitKillsExtraCost EnergyCost MetalCost Oil
Energy ShieldsBlocks 2 enemy damage10000
Reflecting Energy Shields2 enemy droidsBlocks 2 enemy damage25000
Railguns2 DroidsWith the 'railgun bunkers' it can take more damage404550
Turrets1 L43205075
Laser Turrets2 L4330130120
Plasma Turrets3 L4340180170
Desto Turrets4 L4350200200
Zards0.5 Droids51520
Droids1 Droids102525
Metels1.5 Droids202525
Baights3 Droids502525
L43-Robots5 Droids503030
X-Missiles2 Droids, 1 L431007575
X78-Missiles4 Droids, 1 L43115115140
X90-Missiles1 Droids, 5 L43250303150
Tanks0.5 L43153020
Tripled Tanks1.5 L43508060
Davon Tanks2 L437010080
Hackers4 kill 1 Droid each tick4 Hacker terrorist kills 2 each tick10005050
Energy Hackers3 kill 1 Droid each tick+3 Energy each kill2000750750
Energy Gun generators3 Droids each generator each tickThe costs per generator grow every time.

On the ATTACK page you can attack a small horde of enemy robots, this will never be ALL of them, but between half to twice of your units.